The concrete around your home can lose its beauty with time. The chemical composition of concrete makes it more difficult to maintain its cleanliness. You may be scrubbing with your broom and shampoo and think everything is okay.
We will give your pathways, driveway, garage or any other area you may have with concrete the clean it deserves. We have been involved in offering such services for a long time, and we know everything that it entails to restore the beauty of your concrete.

Can’t I use a pressure washing machine?

This is not a good idea, and you will end up destroying your concrete. You can degrade the surface of the concrete where you will disperse the joint sand between paving stones. This is even more dangerous especially if your concrete was not installed long ago where you may damage it to the point of requiring re-installation.

We use the extraction method in cleaning your concrete which has more benefits as compared to pressure washing. This is a safe, controllable and efficient technique for thoroughly cleaning your concrete. It will get rid of huge amounts of dirt and soil particles. The pressure washing technique will just stir up the dirt without extracting them which means it’s like you are transferring them from one area to another.

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