Cleaning concrete pool decks is necessary now and then. Just like pools require maintenance to keep them clean and in the right conditions, concrete pool decks require the same attention. The thing about concrete pool decks that every owner should be aware of is that even though they are durable, they’re also really vulnerable to bird droppings, substances and can quickly deteriorate if no regular maintenance is given.

Will Pressure Washing Work?

Many people are always attracted to the most comfortable and fastest methods to get things done, which is the case with pressure washing. Pressure washing is known to be a highly effective cleaning method. Still, like everything that comes exceptionally quickly, it does have several disadvantages that can damage your pool deck in the long run.

At first glance, everything will look glowing after the cleanup, but you will start to see the adverse effects over time. Some disadvantages of pressure washing are:

  • Too powerful: A significant downside of using a pressure washer is that it is potent; therefore, it can damage surfaces that won’t resist it. The concrete around your pool deck will start to deteriorate and will only cause you more work and money to fix everything.
  • Not recommended for fragile places in your yard: Just like surfaces, the grass is delicate as well. Therefore, water pressure can damage your yard due to the chemicals they contain.
  • Dangerous: It can be hazardous for someone who’s not familiar with using it properly because of the force. Additionally, water pressuring contains chemicals that kill mold that grows on surfaces, and if it’s not applied correctly, it can cause many damages.

The Ideal Solution For The Expected Results – Professionals

There is certainly more than one method to clean your concrete pool deck. However, none of those will give you the outcomes you desire. At Supreme Clean Floors, we offer top-notch concrete pool deck cleanup.

We use state-of-the-art equipment along with environmentally friendly cleaning supplies that won’t damage your yard nor your valuable concrete surface.

Hiring us is a beneficial way to provide maintenance to your pool decks and save you time without facing adverse effects afterward. At Supreme Clean Floors in Cabot, Arkansas, we give you a customer-oriented service like no other in town.