Clean Carpet

When your carpet or rug has stains, mud smells weird or is all sticky, and you get hands-on cleaning it with every cleaning supply you find, but nothing works!  Don’t worry. The solution is Supreme Clean Floor, which is a highly qualified floor cleaning company that can immediately save your precious carpet. 

 At Supreme Clean Floors, we specialize in carpet cleaning, using the correct method to leave your carpeted surfaces smooth, smelling good, and disinfected. Our company is located in Arkansas, where we serve to many areas. We offer professional commercial and residential cleaning services for not only carpeted areas but multiple surfaces.     


Best Carpet Cleaners in Arkansas

If you have children, pets, constant visitors at home, or even the environment itself, all of these factors cause your carpet to accumulate dirt more and more. The same happens in your working area. Having customers, employers, and visitors going in and out of the office consequently causes the carpet to get quite darker and dirtier.

This is something no one can prevent from happening. But by hiring the best carpet cleaners in Arkansas, we can assure you; they will be super clean and looking brand-new.

When providing maintenance to your carpet, we use state-of-the-art equipment clean system. This equipment removes stains, allergens, chemicals, pet dander, pesticides, mold, bacteria, or any other pollutants that may be stuck. Therefore, a carpet cleaning from Supreme Clean Floors will leave your home or business cleaner and healthier. 

Carpet Protector

To extend the endurance of your carpet, after we make a professional carpet cleaning, we apply a carpet protector. This protector is a spray solution employed by us that repels most liquids, preventing your carpet from any damage or harm any spill could cause. 

 Why get your carpet cleaned?

Did you know that bacteria do not transfer from the carpet to other surfaces? Once pollutants are deposited on your carpet, they are stored there, causing all types of dirt to compile. 

By having your carpet cleaned professionally from time to time, you protect indoor air quality, prevent expansion from allergen and bacterias, ensure a healthier environment, and way more. Hence, having your carpet cleaned is something you can’t keep on hold.