A clean floor says a lot about a homeowner’s cleaning habits, and even more during these times, where cleaning and disinfection are the biggest concern for everyone. Everything from cleaning wipes, glass cleaners, liquid soap, bleach, antibacterial cleanser, and so on forms part of many families’ shopping list. However, a clean floor takes more than conventional cleaning products to achieve.

The work of professional cleaners should be an occasional must. Supreme Clean Floors is a floor cleaning company in Cabot, AR. We’re ready to disinfect your home’s surfaces and restore them to their original look.


The Multi-Surface Cleaning Masters

At Supreme Clean Floors, we can take adequate care of every surface in your home. We have state-of-the-art equipment and cleaning products, plus the expertise to disinfect every surface and restore them.

Why should every surface at home require professional cleaning? Let’s go over some facts about different surfaces that you may not have realized.


Over time, your kids and spilled food take a toll on your upholstered furniture, and dirt piles up. No matter how much you clean it yourself, allergens, dust, and oils are hard to remove through traditional cleaning methods. 

Tile & Grout

Dirt, bacterias, and all kinds of debris build up over time on your tile and grout. Plus, due to foot traffic and all the dirt and mud carried with it, your tiled floor has likely lost shine and become dull. 

Pool Deck

Pool decks are victims of food/drink spills and especially dirt, due to exposure to the outside. Bacteria, debris, and germs and build up into the pores whether your pool area is made of concrete or wood.


Hardwood floors add freshness and elegance to a home. But without the proper cleaning and maintenance, sand and dirt will pile up, scratching your wooden surface. 


The simplicity of concrete is what makes it appealing, but when it’s a victim of rust rings, grease, and other stains, that beauty is gone. Like with different surfaces, unseen dirt and bacteria can stick.


When you see a carpet, you get an immediate sense of comfort and coziness. However, if the human eye could catch all the allergens, mold, and other pollutants living in it, things would be different.

What Supreme Clean Floors Can Do  

As you can see, all kinds of dirt could be taking over your home’s surfaces in Cabot, AR. With kids running and playing around the house, a clean home is vital to protect their health. At Supreme Clean Floor, we have all the equipment, cleaning methods, and cleaning supplies needed to ensure a germ-free environment.


Dad and Son playing on the floor of the living room