We all know for sure when it’s time for a proper floor cleanup, no matter what type of surface it is. Your floor’s appearance speaks for itself, and it tells how much you consider it. Now more than ever, keeping our surfaces clean, sanitized, and disinfected is a crucial matter. 

At Supreme Clean Floors, we’re a floor cleaning company in Conway City, AK, ready to tackle all those undesirable bacteria and viruses that take over your floors. No matter what kind of surfaces you have at your residence or business, we can take care of each of them and reach those far nooks that seem impossible to enter. 


Multi-Surface Cleaning Masters

After years of enduring foot traffic, winds that carry out dirt, the feces, and urines transferred from our pets to our floors, it’s undeniable that a huge amount of germs and debris find our surfaces as the perfect hosts. At Supreme Clean Floors, we will professionally take care of:

Carpets & Rugs

If our human eye weren’t so limited, we’d be scared to see all the germs that take over your carpeted floors and rugs. Carpets are bacteria and overall debris’ favorite places because of their fibers. At Supreme Clean Floors, we use a special carpet protector to prolong their lifespan.


At Supreme Clean Floors, we get rid of all elements not belonging to your concrete floors. We’re able to remove rust rings, grease, or oil stains that usually seem impossible. We’ll successfully restore your classy concrete floor to its original appearance. 


Hardwood surfaces are homeowners’ favorite. However, their investment is considerable. To keep your hardwood floors neat and free of hazardous agents, you need professional cleaning to allow your wooden floor to maintain its beauty and shine.

Pool Deck

Our cleaning company is an expert when it comes to cleaning pool deck areas. We know the right method and possess state-of-the-art equipment to protect your deck without ever harming it. Pressure washing machines never do even half the job that Supreme Clean Floors can attain.

Tile & Grout

Tiles lose their shine over time, and grouts get darker. Germs find coziness in your tiled floors’ pores and are hard to eradicate. However, at Supreme Clean Floor, we know the guidelines to follow and own the proper cleaning solutions, systems, and equipment to make it happen.


How uncomfortable is it to pat your sofas and see all that dust flowing in the air? It’s certainly unsettling. At Supreme Clean Floors, we’re experts at removing allergens, dust, dead skin cells, and oils. We can make that grayish/yellowish sofa have it’s original white color back.

Don’t Dream Of A Clean Home. Just Make It Happen!

Don’t waste your time scrubbing, sweeping, moping all those surfaces that don’t seem to clear up. Call Supreme Clean Floors instead and let us handle those smudge and darken floors. Our expert cleaners are ready to remove all bacteria, mold, and overall pollutants stock deep into your home’s surfaces.