Is it time to have your floor professionally cleaned? You have done a great job so far by sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming. Still, from time to time, the help of a professional floor cleaning company is a must. At Supreme Clean Floors, we offer floor cleaning services in Searcy, AR, and its surrounding areas. Give your floor the cleanup care it deserves so it can look better and be free of bacteria and viruses.


Our Multi-Surface Cleaning Services

At Supreme Clean Floors, we’re multi-surface master cleaners. Our cleaning services will provide the appropriate cleanup your floors deserve. We can clean any surfaces in your home, no matter the type. 


Concrete surfaces accumulate a lot of dirt, and after a while, they lose their original beauty. No matter how much soap or detergent you use, they won’t be enough to remove rust, grease or oil stains. We have the right equipment to polish it and leave it germ-free.


With time, hardwood floors get scratched, and dirt and sand stick deep inside the cracks. This type of flooring is quite an investment, and our like-no-other cleanup experience will help restore its magnificence and make your investment worthwhile.

Pool Deck

Pool decks are potentially exposed to all kinds of stains, dirt, mud, and more for two reasons. Firstly because it’s an outdoor area, and secondly because it’s where people spend time, eat, and drink. Our pool deck cleaning service will bring your pool deck back to life.

Tile & Grout

Tiles wear out from all the sweeping and mopping, and also from the chemicals used when cleaning them. They get opaque after a while, losing their distinctive brightness. At Supreme Clean Floors, we get rid of all the dirt trapped in the pores and grout of your tiles.


At first sight, the dirt trapped in your carpet is not as noticeable as you may think. Dust, viruses, and bacteria stick deeply, making them hard to remove just by vacuuming it. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we’ll successfully remove all those and that uncomfortable lingering smell.  


You can say goodbye to allergens, dust, dead skin cells, and oils your upholstered furniture has accumulated. With our cleaning method and cleaning supplies, we’ll have them looking and smelling fresh.

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We’re eager to get hands-on and clean all the surfaces in your home. We’ll be able to exceed your expectations by having your home looking shiny and smelling incredible with our professional cleaning services.


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