Professional Cleaning With Supreme Clean Floors

Have your floors gotten to a point where no matter how much you clean them, they look old? Over time dirt, pesticides, bacterias, mold, and other pollutants can damage and stain your floors. Regardless of the type of floor you have, Supreme Clean Floors offers professional floor cleaning services in White County, AR.

Among the most popular types of floors, we daily clean are concrete, hardwood, pool decks, and tile & grout. We even have experience with upholstery cleaning. 


What Makes Supreme Clean Floors Different

We are the best floor cleaning company in White County for the quality of services we deliver. 

As Supreme Clean Floors, we have adopted effective old fashioned techniques with the usage of new state-of-the-art equipment, along with environmentally safe products. There’s no type of surface impossible to clean for us. Some of the things that also make us different are:

  • We have flexible and convenient scheduling; we can usually visit your home on the same day as your call.
  • We remove pollutants and pests.
  • Our team is professional, honest and will create minimal inconvenience to you.
  • You can use the floor shortly after we are done.
  • We are not like other companies that no longer scrub surfaces when needed. We practice a full and thorough cleaning process, which can include the usage of a rotary scrubber and then steam cleaner.
  • We can remove all types of stains, rust rings, grease, oil stains, dried paints, and more.
  • For carpets and hardwood, we offer environmentally friendly solutions that will protect the surfaces in the long term.
  • We can restore your floor to its original appearance.

Getting your floors professionally cleaned is an excellent investment, which will immediately change the look of your home and extend the life of the floor. Remember, the cleaner your floor is, the safer it is for you and your family. 

Hear What Our Customers Say About Us

We don’t cut corners and strive to build lifetime relationships with our customers, so next time they need professional cleaning services, they know who to call. Our team will explain the whole cleaning process and will asses your doubts. 

You can also be part of our family, take a look at some of the reviews of our customers:

“So impressed with how well they cleaned my hardwood floors, the next step if Justin couldn’t clean them was replacing them! He got all of the builds up that I had tried for years to remove off!! They look amazing!! He even got food coloring and blue slime out of my rug that I thought was ruined!! Great customer service!! Thanks again, Supreme Clean Floors! – Brandy H.”

“They made the very worn carpets in the house we bought look brand new!! Also, they are very easy to work with. We highly recommend and will be using them again in the future! – Perri E.”

Recover the look of your floors with the support of professional cleaners!


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