Hardwood floors are one of the classiest looking surfaces a home can have, providing your family and pets with a fresh feeling environment. We know how much investment this type of flooring takes; therefore, you don’t want it’s life expectancy to be shortened by the lack of proper and professional cleaning. 

Dust, sand, and dirt, in general, are direct enemies to this type of surface. In Supreme Clean Floors, we are the multi-surface master. We provide hardwood cleaning services in Arkansas. 

We have what it takes to leave your hardwood neat, so trust our expertise. 


The homemade way is not always the way

Sweeping and mopping your hardwood will indeed reduce the chance of debris scratching your floor, and also remove the dirt that is continuously in the environment. But with this standard cleaning method still, you won’t get rid of these pollutants entirely. You will hardly have debris and allergens removed from cracks and gaps. So, when you get to this point, a specialist on the field must come to your hardwood floor’s rescue! 

At Supreme Clean Floors, we have everything needed to have your hardwood floor. We’ll make it look shiny, smelling deliciously fresh, but most importantly, being disinfected from all bacteria, allergens, and all other countless pollutants. 

What Supreme Clean Floor Does

We protect your floor for it to last longer, leaving it restored and looking brand-new after every supreme cleaning. We remove all pollutants and infections. Also, we work with specialized cleaning methods to ensure the protection your floor deserves. Our highly qualified technicians know how to treat your hardwood floor properly, keeping scheduled appointments to have the work done in the stated time. That way, when you get home, you’ll do nothing more but to enjoy your renewed hardwood floor along with your family and pets. 

 Become Part Of Our Satisfied Clients

There are plenty of cleaning methods and cleaning companies that will ensure your home-floors ultimate service. But at Supreme Clean Floors, we go beyond. We want to build a strong bond with our customers because they will always come first. We promote a fast and responsive service, providing you superior quality. 

So become part of the supreme clean floors family now.