Wine spills, coffee, mud, or ink stains are among the most common and worst colors to remove. If you are not a person that is careful enough to avoid these accidental spills, then it is ideal to (at least) consider having some cleaning supplies at home. Let’s go through some options to remove those awful stains and one definite solution to expand your carpets’ lifespan.

The Challenging Part

The most challenging part of having a stain on your carpet is choosing the cleaning method to provide the best outcome. So, how to deep clean carpets the right way? The type of smear and the carpet’s material will determine how your carpet reacts to any substance and how possible it will be to remove it.

There are different types of carpet fibers. It’s essential to know how to differentiate them to make the right carpet choice for your home. There are four common types of carpet:

  • Nylon: Most popular rug due to its built-in stain-resistant material
  • Olefin: ideal for outdoors and resistant to mold and moisture.
  • Acrylic: used as a more affordable alternative to wool
  • Wool: a natural fiber made into a carpet

You must remove a stain immediately after it happens. Keep in mind that the longer the smudge remains on your carpet, the faster it’ll get absorbed, making it extremely difficult to remove later.

Not The Smartest Alternative

Carpet stains are visible and easy to spot; therefore, when stains can’t be entirely removed, they end up ruining the carpet. When this happens, some people either throw their rugs away or look for different options to make their space look more appealing.

Although there is no guarantee, you could recover your carpet back. People typically dye their carpets to cover stains, spots, dirt, or whatever is needed not to lose it. However, none of these is the best way to go if you want your carpet to look like new.

Professional Cleanup Is The Answer

Regular options may indeed help reduce the spots in your carpet, but there is no better way to do it than with professional cleaning services. Experts will safely do a carpet cleanup by removing stains, dirt, and even odors completely.

Additionally, it’s vital to maintain your carpets at least once a year for odor removal and deep cleaning. Supreme Clean Floors brings you the right equipment and chemicals to make your carpets look new, stunning and provide them with a pleasant odor.

You can find us in Carbot, Arkansas. We will provide you with a complete floor cleaning service that will leave your carpets and floors with an outstanding appearance.