Regardless of the ongoing crisis with Coronavirus, some businesses can’t close their doors to clients because they are important daily suppliers for all of us. Such is the case of supermarkets, pharmacies, and other stores that their day to day operation is highly necessary. Since this virus, as we all know, is a menace to humans, we must keep aware of our cleaning habits, especially if you own and work at a business that remains open during this time.

As a business that is still operating, and as an owner, you can provide more safety to your employees and customers by hiring professional cleaning services. At Supreme Clean Floors, we provide the best cleanups to all types of surfaces. 


We Assure Your Surfaces Protection

Stores that have customers constantly coming in and out are highly susceptible to the accumulation of bacteria and viruses. Since Coronavirus is a germ that spreads quickly and sticks to surfaces, for even two to three days, serious cleaning measures should be tremendously considered to ensure the health of those exposed to it while working. 

At Supreme Clean Floors, we have all the equipment, cleanup supplies, and experience to kill and remove this harmful virus from any surface efficiently. We work with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure our customers’ safety while still providing our own staff with their health security as well. 

Our team is well-prepared and certified to tackle the job even more during this tough time. We make sure to take the right measures and follow protocols when we perform our job. We strive to avoid exposing our clients and our employees to this virus. We will continue to do everything in our hands to support our customers in ensuring the safety of its families, employees and clients . 

What Measures Are You Currently Taking?

Yes, your employees should continuously wash their hands, cover their nose and mouth, and offer hand sanitizers to clients. But do you really consider that’s enough? There is more you can do to ensure your employees and customers’ health, and that’s hiring our Supreme Clean Floor services today. 

We offer floor cleaning services in many counties along Arkansas, like White county, Woodruff county, Faulkner county, Prairie county, Monroe county, Lee county, st. Francis county, Cross county, Jackson county, Poinsett county, Independence county, Sharp county, Cleburne county, Stone county, Izard county, Van buren county, Conway county, Perry county, Pulaski county and Lonoke county.


Branded Van in a parking with several cleaning machines