Have you ever been to a pool where the deck full of stains or mold? It’s disgusting, right? Pool deck cleaners can fix those issues quickly.

A dirty pool deck is inevitable; even when you’re used to cleaning it, with time, the damp environment, debris from trees, dirt, or other elements can leave stains. These are stains that can only go away with the help of Profesional Pool Deck Cleaners. 

No matter how dirty, Supreme Clean Floors offers the best professional pool deck cleaning services in Arkansas.


Effective & State-Of-The-Art Equipment

We work with state-of-the-art scrubbing and extraction equipment, which can take out even the most stubborn ingrained stains. The method we used, unlike others like pressure washing, protects the surface and, with precision, weeds out dirt, without contaminating the pool’s water or yard.

There will be no need to clean the pool after the job gets done. If you wish you can straight up enjoy a swim, we extract the dirt and don’t displace it to other areas. We as well work with environmentally friendly products.

We Can Clean All Types Of Pool Deck Surfaces

We clean all types of surfaces, concrete, ceramic, tiles, hardwood decks; you name it!

Our team has the experience and expertise to identify and decide what the best technique and equipment to use depending on the material of the pool deck is. Many Arkansas residents are surprised by the quality of our job and the look of their pool deck after getting them cleaned.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Our team is not only full of professional pool deck cleaners but committed people that focus on delivering excellent customer service. We will answer all questions and explain the process. Take a looks at what a couple of our customers said about us:

“Everyone in my family uses Supreme Clean and couldn’t be happier with the service. We’ve never had anything but the best experience. Highly recommend! – Brady”

“This is -by far the best floor cleaning service around!! The owner does all the work, so he knows every job is done the best that it can be. For anyone with hardwood floors-this company can bring life back into your wood without sanding! – Linda R.”

Give a fresh look by cleaning and recovering the beauty of the deck; you’ll feel like it’s brand new!


Pool Deck View with beach hat