Having your home or workplace clean is the first step in creating a pleasant environment. Being in dirty places can be awful. You get that feeling that nothing feels right, and even your problems can seem more prominent if you are not in the right environment. 

So, where to start? A clean atmosphere is what you need to get started with the right foot. Supreme Floor Cleaning is a floor cleaning company located in Searcy, Arkansas. We are professional leaders in commercial and residential carpet cleaning.


Our Supreme Services

We are multi-surface masters committed with our clients and passionate about our job. Whatever surface you have in your home or business, whether it is carpet, tile, and grout, or hardwood, we clean them all. 


Our residential and commercial carpet cleaning services eliminate dirt and also contaminants, leaving your carpet incredibly clean, and smelling fresh. We provide a careful and thorough cleaning procedure since all types of pollutants are transferred easily into your carpet. 


It is quite difficult to keep concrete surfaces clean due to the chemical composition it possesses. Common cleansing materials such as soap, detergent, or so will not provide the dirt removal you hope for. We use the extraction method in cleaning your concrete instead of the pressure washing method, making the cleaning outcome way more beneficial. 


A hardwood floor must always look at its finest. Wood gives you that relaxing and fresh feel because of its relation to nature. When this type of surface is not cleaned, dust, sand, and dirt will quickly accumulate, denting and scratching your floor in short notice. At Supreme Clean Floors, we have the right cleansing material to keep your hardwood well-protected, giving it a longer life expectancy.   

Pool Deck

A pool area is an environment you want to keep looking fancy since it’s a space where you spend time mostly chilling with your friends and family. So by letting us do your pool deck supreme cleaning, we will be able to remove persistent and also deeply embedded stains. 

Tile & Grout

Over time, by sweeping and mopping your tiled floor, the tiles’ color starts looking faded, and the grouts begin to darken. No matter how much time and effort you take to make it look polished, you won’t have the outcome you expect. With our supreme tile and grout cleaning experience, we have the right method to leave your tile looking shiny and looking like new.  


It is uncomfortable sitting on a couch where upholstery is all dirty or stained. Usually, dusty furniture can cause skin or respiratory problems. It is better to have them properly taken care of. We can reduce stains and spots, eliminate odors, extend the life of your upholstery, and much more.