If you have been taking the right measures, since the Coronavirus started spreading, to clean yourself up right after you’ve gotten home, you have done well. Are you washing your hands, changing your clothes, disinfecting your purse, wallet, or any other accessory you had with you while out? That’s good. But have you asked yourself if that’s enough? 

This harmful germ spreads so quickly because it sticks to all kinds of surfaces. No matter how much you try to clean them up, it is not enough if it’s not done by licensed and professional cleaning providers. At Supreme Clean Floors, we offer all kinds of surface cleanup services, and upholstery and carpet cleaning are two of the most essential at the moment. 


How Long Does Coronavirus Survives On Carpet And Upholstery 

All soft surfaces, such as carpet and upholstered furniture, are potential reservoirs of harmful viruses and bacteria that can mean a threat to your health and those living with you. Couches, sofas, and even carpets are a place of comfort, and you should be careful because these soft surfaces are often overlooked.

According to researchers, the amount of time that Coronavirus survives on surfaces depends on the material it is composed of. On carpet and upholstery, the virus can live up to 24 hours, which wouldn’t seem like a lot of time. But the essential factor to take into account is that we are in constant contact with these surfaces, especially while we are at home. 

The more measures you take to ensure your home’s safety regarding allergens, viruses, and bacteria, the more you guarantee the safety of your family. Supreme Clean Floors is ready to receive your call, we will disinfect all of your surfaces and will help you prevent COVID-19 from entering your home.

What We Can Do About It

By hiring our carpet and upholstery cleaning services, we assure our clients with:

  • Remove allergens, bacteria, viruses, and other germs
  • Remove bad odors coming from them
  • Use state-of-the-art cleaning equipment
  • Follow appropriate protocols to protect your family and our staff while cleaning your home
  • Use best cleanup supplies to not only restore the beauty of your upholstery and carpet but also leave it germ-free.  

We offer upholstery and carpet cleaning services in many counties along Arkansas, like White county, Woodruff county, Faulkner county, Prairie county, Monroe county, Lee county, st. Francis county, Cross county, Jackson county, Poinsett county, Independence county, Sharp county, Cleburne county, Stone county, Izard county, Van buren county, Conway county, Perry county, Pulaski county and Lonoke county.


close up of a carpet being clean