Professional Cleaning With Supreme Clean Floors

Having a clean sofa is beautiful, cozy, and can revitalize your home. It can give a room a warm and welcoming feeling. However, furniture can quickly get dirty and stained as well, especially when you have kids or dogs. Fortunately, Supreme Clean Floors offers professional upholstery cleaning services in White County, Arkansas.

We understand that even when you clean your furniture daily, over time, upholstery accumulates dust, allergens, dead skin cells, and oils. At some point, it can even smell and get spots and stains. Our team of upholstery cleaners can handle the job. Whether you want to bring an old sofa back to life or extend the lifespan of your armchair, we can help. 


We Are The Best At What We Do

Our satisfied customers are always amazed by the quality we deliver. We get rid of the most stubborn spots and stains using our innovative methods and powerful products.

Getting your upholstery professionally cleaned can extend the life of the furniture, protect your investment, reduce the effects of wear, and eliminate persistent odors. We use the most advanced equipment and techniques, caring for the type of upholstery as well as the color. Our methods can make your furniture regain its color and even look just like new.

We have also specially designed a collection of eco-friendly products that we use on furniture when we work. These will keep the environment, your family, and your pets safe. Your furniture will be safe to use as soon as you get it back.

Don’t Get Rid Of Your Furniture Yet

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see the extent of our cleaning process and how effective it can be. We’ve had many clients who just wanted to throw away their furniture, thinking there was no way of bringing it back to life. But Supreme Clean Floors surprised them.

Check out what one of our customers said about us:

“Everyone in my family uses Supreme Clean and couldn’t be happier with the service. We’ve never had anything but the best experience. Highly recommend!” – Brady.

We’ve helped many Arkansas residents save money by restoring their upholstery and floors. With the help of professional upholstery cleaners, there is no need to get rid of dirty furniture, we can restore it just by using the right equipment.


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