Above ground pool decks are the most incredible solution to areas with poor soil conditions, high water tables, uneven terrain, or building and zoning restrictions. Some property owners or even small lodges prefer this kind of pool deck because they provide elegance and luxury, and cost half as much to build an inground pool. 

Above ground pool decks are ideal for mid-size homes with small families, or small hotels. A pool deck area can be very stunning and inviting since it’s all a matter of imagination and style. However, after a while, time affects its beauty when grime and dirt build-up. Let’s go through some above ground pool deck information you should know and what’s the best practice when it comes to cleaning them.

What’s To Know About Above Ground Pool Deck?

Having an above ground pool deck can raise many questions, either if you’re thinking about getting one for the first time or already possess one. If you are thinking about building one, you should learn about their styles, durability, and benefits. If you already have one, have you thought of its maintenance and cleaning?


What’s so enticing about above-ground pool decks is that there are incredible styles.


  • A composite wood deck around half of the pool.
  • Combine wood and stone to wrap around the pool.
  • Corner pool with side deck.
  • Submerged pool with composite deck.
  • Many others


A pool deck durability varies greatly depending on the material it is made of and how often you provide it with maintenance. Stones are highly resistant to humidity, unlike wooden decks. However, with proper cleaning, an above-ground pool deck can last for many years to come. 


Benefits are endless if your main objective is to bring relaxation to your property. Good times and memories are built when it comes to having an above-pool deck. Plus, they add up to your house’s value or lodge if you consider selling it.

Cleaning them up?

Most likely, cleaning is the most important part when it comes to owning any kind of pool deck. Not only is it essential to keep it looking fancy and neat, but also because germs and bacteria build up over time. Moss and algae grow, stealing its beauty. Cleaning your pool deck from time to time will help avoid respiratory health risks if any user suffers from allergies. 

Professional Above-Ground Pool Deck Cleaning

If it’s about time for your above-ground pool deck to be thoroughly cleaned, at Supreme Clean Floors, we’re multi-surface masters you can count on. We use state-of-the-art equipment to leave your pool deck neat, germ-free, and restored. Provide your guests with a comfortable, clean pool deck space today.


Pool Deck View with beach hat