Losing your peace of mind with your tile floor? Do you feel that no matter how much you clean your floor, it’s still contaminated, dusty, and, most of all, not germ-free? You may want to take a look at some good practices you can follow to have a beautiful, shiny, and disinfected tile floor. 

Steps To Disinfect Your Tile Floor Effectively

Disinfecting your floor must be a concern now more than ever. By doing so, you’re ensuring your health and the ones living with you. You’ll never know where you’ll catch a disease from. Still, cleaning and disinfecting your tile floor is an excellent way to prevent that from happening. Consider taking the following steps to sanitize your floor thoroughly.

Move all furniture and sweep

Move all furniture out of the way or any other household accessories. Sweep the floor. Sometimes we tend to mop the floor, but sweeping is the best way to remove the excess of dirt and debris.

Mix and mop

The typical way to mop the floor is by using soap and water daily. To disinfect your tile floor more deeply, you could use disinfecting bleach, mix about ⅓ cup into a gallon of water. Spread it all over your floor, making sure you cover every corner and start moping. 

Wait and rinse

Wait for around six minutes, let the bleach and water solution disinfect your floor, rinse thoroughly using water only, and just let your floor dry. Chlorine kills pathogens such as viruses and bacteria since it breaks the chemical bonds in their molecules. So, after following these steps, you will feel more at ease with your disinfected tile floor.

The Real Solution To A Supreme Clean Floor

The previous method mentioned before it’s helpful for a fast and easy way to disinfect your floor. But if long-lasting results are what you’re looking for to get a real sanitized tile and grout floor, then you need expert cleaning services. At Supreme Clean Floors, we’re multi-surface cleaning masters serving in all central Arkansas. 

We use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure our customers with a supreme clean floor experience. Your tile floor will be looking shiny as new, but most importantly, free of any pathogen. 


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