Having your hardwood floors looking pretty and polished doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re germ-free. Hardwood floors, especially those installed a while ago, have the common characteristic of being victims of scratches, scuff marks, and dents. Dirt, potential pollutants, and pests seep deeply into them, making it almost impossible to reach and eliminate those pathogens. 

Kiss Your Worries Goodbye With A Disinfected Hardwood Floor

For months now, we’ve been experiencing that a disinfected home is a must-do practice, and your floor should be seriously taken into account when it comes to sanitation. With our shoes, we carry out millions of viruses and bacteria into our home; therefore, we should be aware of our hardwood cleaning habits. Here are some ideas for you to have a disinfected hardwood floor. 

Using white vinegar and water

This is a great method for a non-toxic cleaning process. Distilled white vinegar is a natural product that will disinfect your hardwood floors. Its acid components make it an effective pathogen killer, and its liquid state makes it easy to reach those small and distant gaps. 

First, remove dust and debris with a cloth or vacuum. Dilute ½ cup of white vinegar in a gallon of water in a bucket, dip a mop, wring it out and start moping. Remember to cover every corner of your hardwood floor.  

Steam cleaning

With the help of a hardwood steam cleaner, you can successfully sanitize your floor. Such hot temperatures make it possible to kill household germs. With the use of water alone, it’s enough. Do not use or add any chemical or cleaner in the steamer to avoid damaging it. 

It’s essential to mention that your hardwood floor must be sealed in order to use a steam cleaner. This will avoid damaging it. 

Professional cleaning services

The best way to ensure your hardwood floor complete disinfection is by hiring professional floor cleaning services. They have all the necessary equipment and cleaning supplies to provide the expected cleaning results. 

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