Hardwood floors have become an elegant and attractive type of flooring. Many people choose them because of the beauty and elegance they give to their home. The best part is that they can last many years with the appropriate care and cleaning supplies. Hardwood floors must be cleaned every six to twelve months to keep them at their highest possible condition. So, what’s the best cleaning method?

A Helpful Cleaning Process

Hardwood floors need to be clean and free of dust to avoid scratches on the surface. If you’re interested in keeping your surface in the right conditions, here is a good hardwood floor cleaning process you can follow:

Step 1

Sweep or use a disposable electrostatic mop to clean your floor, especially in high foot traffic areas. Be extremely careful if using a vacuum cleaner since they can scratch hardwood floors (make sure yours has rubber wheels).

Step 2

Use a damp mop to clean every nook. Preferably, do this at least once every week. Likewise, be careful not to leave water on your hardwood floor since it can damage the surface. Adding wood cleaning products is just recommended for floors that have been thoroughly sealed.

Step 3

Revitalize your hardwood floor to restore its original shine and protect it. During this step, you will be able to fill out small scratches with a low or high gloss finish of your choice. You can also use floor wax to ensure deep cleaning.

What You Actually Need

By following the steps mentioned above, you can be sure that your hardwood floor will be clean. However, the best way to ensure your hardwood floor’s proper maintenance is by acquiring quality floor cleaning services from professionals.

Leave Your Floor in the Hands of The Experts

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