Most people get confused when trying to distinguish between a spot and a stain in their carpet, but there is a big difference. A spot in your carpet is removable and a stain is not.

The best method to check and see if you have a spot or a stain is to take a mild cleaner and apply it on a white hand towel and blot the spot. If the material transfers to the towel then most likely you have a spot, which should be able to be removed. If you get no transfer to the towel, you will need a professional carpet cleaner to attempt to remove the stain.

We come across many different types of spots and stains in or professional carpet cleaning business. We deal with everything from wine, urine, gum, grease, kool aid and many other variants. Each type of spot has to be approached differently and certain cleaning agents are created to address each situation. For example a red kool aid spill is considered by many professional carpet cleaners as permanent but by using the correct chemistry many kool aid spills can be completely removed by a process of applying a cleaning agent and adding a heat transfer method. This is one spot where hiring a professional is highly recommended because damage can be done to the carpet if the heat is applied to long to the carpet face. When dealing with a pet urine spot we use an enzyme-based prespray that eats at the urine and then we will post-treat the area with an oxidizing agent that will hopefully completely remove the yellow tint left behind by a urine spot.

If you are unsure and afraid that you might mess up testing a spot in your carpet just contact us and we would be glad to come out and give you a free no-obligation estimate. We offer professional carpet cleaning in Searcy, AR and surrounding areas and are the best rated carpet cleaner in that area.

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