When should I get my carpets cleaned? I hear this question all the time and the truth is there is no exact answer. The picture above shows some carpet cleaning in Searcy, AR that we recently completed. The homeowner was amazed at all we were able to remove from her carpets but she had waited too long to have her carpets cleaned and there was permanent damage to some of the fibers that will never be able to be repaired.

You have to think of the dirt and other foreign materials in your carpet as a type of sandpaper. This is why you will normally notice the worst areas in your carpet are located in front of a chair, couch, or in the main walkways. The dirt and debris get into the carpeting and is ground into the fibers by foot traffic. The best thing you can do to extend the time between having to have your carpets cleaned is to SLOWLY vacuum your carpets at least once a week, making multiple passes over heavily soiled areas. When you are thoroughly vacuuming your carpets weekly you can expect to need to have your carpets cleaned around every 12 to 18 months in a residential setting.

By following the vacuum method above you should be able to extend the time between cleanings. Once the carpet looks dirty to you it is usually too late, and what you are actually seeing is damage beginning to affect the face of the carpet.

If you feel like it is time or you have never had your carpets professionally cleaned, contact us to set up a free evaluation and estimate.

Dirty Carpet with Old StainsClean carpet close up